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The Cheese People of Grand Rapids

Marieke Gouda w/ Cranberry

Marieke Gouda w/ Cranberry

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Marieke Gouda with Cranberry is a culinary masterpiece that effortlessly elevates your dishes to gourmet heights. The rich and tart character of this cheese, with the sweet notes of cranberry, brings a delightful harmony of flavors to your palate, making it the ideal choice for taking your turkey sandwich from ordinary to extraordinary.

Whether you're adding it to a cheese board, pairing it with your favorite wines, or crafting culinary creations, this cheese adds a touch of elegance and sophistication that feels like a culinary achievement worthy of three Michelin stars. Experience the fusion of textures and flavors that make each bite a delightful journey, showcasing the artistry and passion of Dutch-style cheese-making.

Approx 1/2 lb 

Care Instructions

Once opened from the packaging - Change the wrap every few days, or each time you use it, whichever is first.

Some of it may be high-moisture and for that reason, you may eventually find some mold growing on it - Simply cut / scrape off and continue to enjoy!

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