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The Cheese People of Grand Rapids

Marieke Aged Gouda

Marieke Aged Gouda

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They've got the cows, the cows have the milk, and the milk is made into cheese within a handful of hours of milking. Really, the milk takes a gentle swim from the milking parlour over to the small vat, not being agitated, pumped repeatedly, or sworn at. This wonderful Gouda is aged as close to a year as we can get it. Best Dutch style gouda made in the states. Amazing flavour, changing gradually on your tongue all thru to the finish. Has those crunchy bits too and is made by a sweet young family that a few years ago gave up the beauty of their native Holland for the beauty of west central Wisconsin.


Approx 1/2 lb 

Care Instructions

Once opened from the packaging - Change the wrap every few days, or each time you use it, whichever is first.

Some of it may be high-moisture and for that reason, you may eventually find some mold growing on it - Simply cut / scrape off and continue to enjoy!

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