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The Cheese People of Grand Rapids

House Aged Buttermilk Blue

House Aged Buttermilk Blue

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House Aged Buttermilk Blue, sourced from the renowned Roth Kase in Monroe, takes the essence of Bleu Affinee to new heights. The magic of this cheese lies in its aging process, with the added dimension of in-house aging, which transforms it into a truly extraordinary blue cheese.

With a bold and robust flavor profile, it's the ideal choice for connoisseurs who relish the delightful complexity and depth that only an aged blue cheese like this can offer. Savor each bite and discover the harmonious interplay of creamy richness and tangy blue veins, making House Aged Buttermilk Blue a masterpiece that deserves a place of honor on your cheese board and in your culinary creations.


Approx 1/2 lb 


Care Instructions

Once opened from the packaging - Change the wrap every few days, or each time you use it, whichever is first.

Some of it may be high-moisture and for that reason, you may eventually find some mold growing on it - Simply cut / scrape off and continue to enjoy!

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