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The Cheese People of Grand Rapids

Mild Goat Gouda

Mild Goat Gouda

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Mild Goat Gouda, aged in-house for an extra 4-6 months, is a delightful cheese that encapsulates the essence of Dutch-style Gouda made with goat's milk. Its creamy and milder character makes it the ideal choice for sandwiches, providing a velvety texture and a delightful taste that's approachable for all palates.

Whether you're enjoying it on your favorite cheese board or crafting delectable sandwiches, this cheese offers a perfect balance of mildness and flavor, showcasing the excellence of Dutch-style cheese craftsmanship.

Approx 1/2 lb 

Care Instructions

Once opened from the packaging - Change the wrap every few days, or each time you use it, whichever is first.

Some of it may be high-moisture and for that reason, you may eventually find some mold growing on it - Simply cut / scrape off and continue to enjoy!

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