🧀 Cheese Shipping Policy - Get Ready for Cheesy Goodness! 🧀

Hey there, Cheese Lovers! 🎉

At The Cheese People of Grand Rapids, we're all about delivering the cheesiest experience right to your doorstep. We take cheese seriously, and that's why we've got a rock-solid shipping policy to ensure your dairy dreams come true! 📦

Shipping Rates 🚚

Our shipping rates are like finding that hidden cheese stash in the back of your fridge - fair and exciting! The cost depends on where you're at and the cheesy goodies you're ordering. But trust us, it's worth every penny!

Order Cancellation 🙅‍♂️

Once you've placed your order, we dive right into packaging. So sorry, but there's no turning back! We're like cheese ninjas, ensuring your goodies stay fresh and awesome.

Shipping Schedule 📅

Mondays are the new cheese-day, and we're shipping to all 48 states in the US via UPS! We're thrilled to bring our cheesy delights to more of you cheese enthusiasts across the nation! 🚀

Packaging and Insulation ♻️

We're all about that green life! We use compostable insulation to keep your cheese comfy during its journey. And guess what? Each package comes with ice packs, so your cheese stays cool and fabulous!

🧀 Pro Tip: If your cheese arrives a little warm, stick it in the fridge - it’ll cool down & firm up in no time.

Delivery Times ⏰

UPS is our trusty cheese delivery partner. You'll receive a tracking number once we've sent your cheese on its adventure, so you can keep an eye on its cheesy progress! For estimated transit times, check out the UPS Map at the bottom of our page for reference.

Address Accuracy and PO Boxes 🏡

Cheese happiness starts with an accurate address! Please make sure your shipping address is spot on because we can't take responsibility for oopsies. And, just an FYI, we can't ship to PO Boxes – gotta have a real address for your cheesy treasures!


  • 🕒 Delivery Time: We recommend cheese to be delivered in 2 days or less to ensure the best temps upon arrival.

Customer Satisfaction 😄

We're here to make your cheese dreams come true. If you have questions or concerns, don't be shy! Reach out to our awesome customer support team at or our cheese phone: 616.551.1100. We're cheese-fully ready to help!

Thanks for choosing The Cheese People of Grand Rapids for your cheese fix. Get ready for a cheesetastic journey, and we can't wait to deliver the finest cheese products right to your door! 🧀💃

Stay Cheesy, Friends! 🧀🧀🧀

- The Mice

  • UPS Ground Shipping Expected Time Frame:


    • In Michigan and surrounding Midwest States : Generally 1 day transit, but may be 2 days.
    • Outside of the Midwest: 2-6 days in transit. 
      • During the Holidays or with bad weather there may be delays in transit length. 
      • See UPS map below for reference on shipping times: